01. The apartment will be [available] on June first.
02. The President was out of the country and not [available] for comment.
03. The [availability] of avocados in local grocery stores depends on the growing season in California.
04. When are you [available] for a meeting?
05. There are wind-surfers and kayaks [available] for rent at the lake.
06. I'm [available] after 3:00 if you need any help.
07. There is a room [available] for our party next Friday night.
08. Someone once said that engineers like to solve problems, and if there are no problems handily [available], they will create their own problems.
09. Camels seem to prefer resting in sunlight even if shade is [available].
10. Mrs. Harris is in a meeting right now and won't be [available] before 4:00.
11. Someone is planning to move out of our building, and their apartment will be [available] for rent at the beginning of March.
12. Many common medical tests are now [available] in home kits.
13. Only 2% of the land [available] for crops in Australia is cultivated.
14. [Availability] of water is vital to all plant and animal life.
15. It is estimated that 10 years from today, half the jobs now [available] to high school graduates will have faded out of existence, replaced by jobs that do not exist today.
16. Free dental care is [available] to children in Denmark until the age of 18.
17. Jim Beggs once said that before you put on a frown, you should make absolutely sure there are no smiles [available].
18. Bananas are [available] all year-round. They are harvested every day of the year.
19. The President was [unavailable] for comment.
20. Management is [unavailable] at the moment, as they are in an important meeting.
21. Millions of children throughout the world have not been immunized simply because vaccines were [unavailable].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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